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Positive Discipline

10 Steps to Positive Discipline
This 10-hour training program includes five 2-hour modules. Each training session introduces
participants to two of the steps to positive discipline and provides activities to practice these principles
in specific scenarios. The 10 Steps include the following:
1. Know Your Child
2. Know What is Normal
3. Adults are Accountable as Role Models
4. Adults Must Maintain Control
5. Adults Must See the World from the Child’s Point of View
6. Adults Must Speak Clearly and Assertively to Children
7. Recognize that Discipline is an opportunity to Teach, not Punish
8. Demand that We are in a Relationship with the Child
9. Seek Solution, not Blame
10. Communicate with the Intention of Love, not Fear
Bully Prevention: Transforming Aggression into Healthy Self Esteem
This 4-hour Foundational training session for educators and administrators is designed to teach
participants how to identify and transform aggression behavior into helpful actions. Trainers will review
types of bullying and provide guidance participation and interactions. Trainings will be offered as either
4-hour sessions or two 2-hour sessions statewide.
Preventing Power Struggles
This 3-hour Intermediate training session for educators, administrators, and parents is designed to teach
participants how to identify the needs underlying power struggles as well as the social-emotional and
communication skills needed to manage relationships, resolve conflict, and develop pro-social behaviors
among children and between children and adults. Trainings will be offered as one 3-hour session.
Setting Limits Without Guilt
This 3-hour Foundational training session for educators, administrators, and parents is designed to teach
participants how to be firm and fair without fear or guilt when instructing and disciplining children.
Participants will learn strategies to empower children to be successful in completing work or shores,
complying with requests, going to be without a fight, and more. Trainings will be offered as one 3-hpur
One hour Parent Overview
This one hour Foundational training is for parents and designed to give a brief insight into the
techniques that are being used in their children’s classroom.


Trainer Information:

All trainers are registered through the Traveling Arkansas’ Professional Pathways (TAPP) registry, and all trainings for early childhood professionals are listed there as well. Trainers are generally assigned to provide training in one of 16 educational cooperative regions, with multiple sessions available in each region throughout the year.  If interested in becoming a trainer, please mail resume to:  Dawson Education Cooperative, ATTN:  Judy Hittenrauch, 711 Clinton St., Arkadelphia, AR 71923.



The Dawson Education Cooperative is an equal opportunity employer and shall not discriminate on the grounds of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, or disability. 



Training Requests:

If you would like to request a training, please contact Judy Hittenrauch at